1 bad "D" valentine's day poem + other bad poetry

Okay - it is, after all, the season for these things.

The first one is a goofy anti-D poem without a title (actually, I don't title much of my work so suggestions are welcome - and no, I am not changing the title of these to "Please Delete") and since it is another of several of my first-draft items of very questionable worth.. I figured I would throw a couple of near greeting-card-worthy seasonal others, LOL (a writers approach to camouflaging crap, I’m afraid).  It seems an easy time of year to put pen to page...  None of these are great so I won't blame anyone who opts not to suffer through them ;)



I thought we’d be forever

Or until the end was through

My trust still without limits

And my heart and all, you knew


Each day was an adventure

We discovered life anew

You let me explore the world

Gave me strength to follow through


I never saw it coming

Who’d believe it, who could see?

My chance for safety fleeting

I am sure this shouldn’t be


Betrayed by my own body

You attacked yourself it seems

So changed my life forever

Like odd and frightening dreams


Suddenly life is fractured

I am forced to intercede

Though still we live together

I no longer trust my body…

    -a strange, strange place indeed…




Dancing by fire

between shadows

and light


Losing the loneliness

in darkness

this night


Tasting sweet magic

one heartbeat

it seems


Transforming our world

with memories

and dreams






Don’t listen to the distance

For it tells you I’m away

It says that I’m not near you

That there’s room to go astray


The distance may deceive you

Though reality is clear

My love will last forever

That won’t change when you’re not here.


Know the distance is a trick

A small game with space and time

Since you are always with me

In my heart and in my mind


So don’t worry when the miles

Seem to keep us far apart

You’ll be with me forever

You’re held close within my heart.



 Okay - gang - please - someone else post something! :)