1 more... From circa 1983

For those of you who haven’t heard me say it before, I am terrified of needles.  So, it’s almost ironic that I ended up with this disease in the first place. 


That said, I remember the early days in the hospital when they were giving me my diabetes orientation and teaching me how to manage the new D in my life.  Part of this introduction, of course, was going to involve needles.  One morning, they handed me an orange and a syringe, some alcohol and cotton balls and told me to practice giving injections to the orange. 


“ummmm – okay” I thought…  Then, that afternoon, the doctor came in gave a nod to the orange and asked “So! Are you ready to give yourself a shot?” 


“No,” I said, “But I think I may be ready to inoculate grapefruit, in fact, with a little more work, I can probably work my way up to many different kinds of produce.” 


Not even a smile L


My first shot? Yeah, I got the syringe in, froze up –it  took like 3 orderlies and a nurse to pry my li’l 12 year old hands off the syringe to complete the injection, all the while they were repeating things like “you’re okay, you can relax, you’re fine… ” Me?  The whole time I’m thinking “fine? I just pushed a piece of metal into my leg and I can’t move or let go of the tube… what about this is FINE?!?!?!?”  LOL


Ahhh memories… ;)


Cheers everyone!



And there are people who think I have a handle on this stuff, ROFL


oh my land that is so funny. i was too young to really get a handle on doing my own shots when i was diagnosed so my mom would have to give them to me. i remember running away screaming that i didn't want a shot. now that i'm on the pump, i'm back to being afraid im gonna hurt myself or something but i have been "shooting up" for a really long time so who knows maybe i have a fear of needles and i never realized it until now.