1 slightly used pancreas for sale!

I am selling my slightly used pancreas, it's got some miles on it so I'm willing to negotiate the price a little bit but you should could consider it to be fairly new considering I haven't used it for 8 years.

Make me an offer! :P

a nickel :P

for you my dear its free :P

I'll trade you for my "vintage pancreas."  It's 56 years old and hasn't done anything for 39 years.

Huzzah - free pancreas!

We could always have a PEP: Pancreas Exchange Program :D

this whole thread made me giggle a lot.

and your pancreas helps digest fats (amylase & lipase enzymes)! so it hasn't been completely worthless. though i'll admit, i'll throw mine in and we can make it a 3 for 1 deal :o)

haha do you have a buy one get one used deal? i got one you can have in return.

if you act now it still may have rum in it

but thats not all....if you act within the next 10 minutes you can get a biohazard box full of used syringes along with your purchase. no shipping charge.

Why hasn't there been a "Defective Pancreas Recall Program?"  Take them back and fix them!!!

plus shipping and handling :D

... or at least $4500 "cash for clunkers?"

and this is what we do on a thursday night into friday morning lol

hahahahahahahahaha cash for clunkers..... if they can get $2bil for crappy cars, we should be able to get a few bil for crappy organs. they don't harm the ozone!

Haha, Glenn Beck was talking about that on his show ;D

Actually I wouldn't mind a chance to get one of these suckers on my workbench.  I know how to fix and adjust a carburator.  This shouldn't be much different.  Then we can tell all those scientists and researchers how they should have turned the screw CCW instead of CW, or how they missed a leaky hose, or perhaps they just forgot to plug the damn thing in :)

yeah. maybe it just needs a good kick and a couple of good swear words. that usually works when my car is being a poop.

We could open a Pancreas Repair Service.  Just send in your broken pancreas and a certified check or Money Order for $1000.  Now we're talking business.  All we need is a place to hide.

well im co-owner on this business. Deal Partner?

Of course.  We all need a partner in crime.  Just remember it was YOUR idea :)

hey! you two can't get all the goods. i need money too! we can hide in my parent's basement. it's in iowa. no one will ever look there.

i "did" think of it. but "c" acted on it. she wanted the money......remember that. and she gave  us the basement to hide in. :)