1 Year Old T1D Whirlwind Infant specific?

Hello, I am new to this site and really don’t have another avenue to travel down. I have some questions for those with infants, specifically, how they are being medicated. My son was diagnosed at 11 months and him being pre-mature really threw a curve ball in the whole after care thing. While I am a real novice when it comes to this (no family history to lean on) I am very comfortable using the mathematics of it all.

What concerns me is his prescriptions of Humalog. He receives a diluted solution (10ML) and it seems to be uncommon to those I know with Children living with T1D. While the dilution makes it easier to draw into the needle I feel a more streamlined process would ease the prep and delivery time because of his activity. I also am concerned with the injection sites because their repetitive use if the Novalog Pen would be a better alternative. Mainly if anyone out there knows of or has used the pen with an infant or toddler I would greatly appreciate your input.

His injections range from 4-11 Units diluted. Meaning if he gets a 4 Unit it would be regulated to less than a half unit undiluted. Has anyone out there made this leap or is there a diluted form of the pen available?

-Concerned Father.

Hey there, Just wanted to let you know there are tons of great support groups on Facebook for type 1 parents. People post questions for advice, opinions, and very useful information from everyone in general. You should give it a try. Every one is usually very quick to respond back. Sorry I’m not much actual help for you. Just some food for thought.

Hi, my son is 14 months old and newly diagnosed. We are also using the diluted insulin, I am a Registered Nurse and I do not believe there is a pen form of dilute insulin available.

Think diluted insulin only available to draw up and inject. No pen available. I’m also a nurse. What about a pump?

Hi everyone,
I am a father of diabetic kids, now he is 3.5 years old he was diagnosed after coma acidosis…he was 18 months. we used Flexpen in the begining (around one year) he was not stable at all aslo, avery time we want to inject him, once he saw the injection he start crying…nervese…he don’t eat a lot…, now with insulin pump he is better, feel confortable. but he don’t like change his needle.

My son was diagnosed 2.5 months ago, and we used dilute insulin and lantus until yesterday when we started insulin in his animus pump. This is my first visit to this site/group, and was wondering if anyone has suggestions for the constant grazing and bottles that keep his sugar high virtually all day.
He is only 23 months and was getting 10 + carb corrections/day.
I never wanted to give him “diet” drinks or jello, etc but the nurse suggested it and I’m feeling desperate. Has anyone successfully navigated keeping a toddler’s sugar more stable when they don’t sit down for 3 regular meals a day?