1 year soon...scared

this tuesday, march 23, will make one year of having type 1 diabetes. I'm really scared for that day. I don't want to accept it. I'm really afraid i'm gonna break. Does anyone has suggestions on how to deal with this day, because I seriously feel like I'm gonna puke, just thinking about it.


the best way to deal with it is acceptance. if you can't accept the one year anniversary, you'll never be able to face the next 75 anniversaries. diabetes is now a part of you. no matter how much you hate it, ignore it, wish it wasn't there, pretend it doesn't exist... it will always be there. embrace it - don't let it control you. you have the power to be in complete control of your own diabetes. it will be scary and frustrating at times, but this is something you can do. stand up, take control, face it.

i've had diabetes for over 20 years - my anniversaries are just another day. i don't do anything special. if you know it's going to be on your mind all day, either make plans to keep yourself distracted or meet it in full force and throw a party. there are lots of people on here who celebrate their anniversaries. it is life changing - you can do with it what you want, just don't let fear take you over.

You can do what I did and forget what day you were diagnosed :)

Somewhere in April 2005 I was diagnosed. You'll be ok though because time goes on and there's nothing anyone can do except look forward :)

We're here if you need anyone to talk to, but you know that!

Monica -

I can honestly say that as the years slowly move forward (in my case, they are speeding by) your fears will be reduced to a mere pittance  I know that it seems impossible now, but, believe me, in several years, it won't matter too much. I have had type 1 for over 40 years.  Yes. I was diagnosed in 1969.  And as I was 6, I can't remember the day or much more that long ago.  I am healthy (no complications) and happy and have a great family - wonderful son and husband and a goofy dog and psychotic cat.  But my life is normal, well.... as normal as anyone's life is normal.  At this point, I am happy to keep beating the odds.