10 Dexcom G5 Senors, Expiration 4/12/2019

Hi – I recently moved my father into a nursing facility and in cleaning out his home, found three 4-packs of sensors. One of the four-packs has been opened and is missing two sensors. All sensors are sealed within their individual sterile packs.

Happy to donate to anyone who has a need. Willing to pay for any reasonable shipping within the US.


@ksuzuki hey Ken, welcome to TypeOneNation! That is very nice of you. Linking in a possible member in need here. @BrittanyRoy90

A note to all: please be safe online as the site makes no guarantee that who you are talking to is who they say they are.

Can I please be considered please thank you

Are you still needing g4/g5 Dexcom sensors. I’m looking to donate some.

Good afternoon I’m sorry to keep bugging I have wrote you earlier but I still haven’t gotten a reply from you yet so I wanted to check to see if they where still available.

Brittany – Can you DM me your address and I’ll get it sent out.

I messaged you my address thank you

If anyone still has some sensors available I could definitely use them. Insurance no longer covers my cgm supplies.

I have sensors available, would appreciate help with shipping costs email me at mtmculp yahoo