10 years today

Today is my 10th year living with diabetes. I wrote a post about it on my blog... Check it out here: http://diabetestalkfest.com/blog/?p=302

those 10 years have brought you pretty far. glad you're here on juvenation with us :o) we <3 gina!

Happy d-versary Gina !!! I mentioned you in my wow..it's been a long time thread. : )

Hope you have a great day !!

I totally agree with your sentiments, Gina.  Enjoy that chocolate pudding pie! Yum!

Even though it may not be because of the best circumstances, I'm glad to have the chance to know you, Gina!  Only the awesomest people in the world get diabetes, you know...  ;-)  Congrats on the milestone.

Congrats on always making the effort to take good care of yourself and leading others to ways to do the same.thanks Gina :)

Thanks for telling us Gina, and I am pleased that you have accomplished so much for diabetics during those years. Old Grandpa Richard is proud of you!!

Thanks Gramps! LOL

I love your blog post!! My 10 yr anniversary is coming up in February...congrats on everything you've accomplished and making it through all the struggles!! :)