15 year old type 1

I am really hoping someone can help us. I have a 15 year old niece who has been type 1 since she was 4. The past month she has been experiencing major lows and having a hard time coming up. There are times she isn’t even given insulin upon eating because her #s go too low. My sister has been dealing with her doctor and they mentioned she may have other autoimmune diseases but all the blood work came back fine. Has anyone had this issue? Any help would be great.

@Gmm1030 hi Gina, Welcome to TypeOneNation! You sound like an awesome Auntie. As you may know carbs make your blood sugar go up, insulin or insulin plus activity make your blood sugar go down. Easy, right?

If she is recently joining a crew or track team this could be something to consider.

If she’s on shots it’s time for an evaluation of when and how much long and short acting. On a pump she can dial down basal rates temporarily or reprogram it for less insulin

About every 20-30 months my body starts making insulin again and I get these nasty lows. I end up eating enough carbs to cover my meal time insulin just to be normal. This is a clue. Absolutely perfect fasting blood glucose is another clue. A c-peptide blood test would be proof however the test could be expensive.

The way I figure it: who cares? For a week or 2 I eat without mealtime insulin (bolus) and enjoy seeing my 89 mg/dL every time. Oh it eventually ends and goes back but for a little while, pizza and ice cream!

Hi Joe I know this is forward, but my sister is really struggling and not getting any support from her doctors. I am sure you understand her concern being her daughter is also only 15. Would you be open to speaking with my sister on the phone?

Thank you so much for your reply

That’s not a problem. Sure. Do you know how to PM here?

unfortunately I do not. are you able to PM me?

I sent you one about a minute ago.