15 yr old T1D needs to gain weight

My son needs to gain about 15 pounds for sports related reasons. He is thin, with a fast metabolism. Obviously carb loading is not a good option. Any recommendations on how to gain weight while still eating foods that don’t spike BG?

Healthy fats. Avocados, cheese and nuts are good choices.

He can have all the carbs he wants. Just make sure the insulin dose matches. If you are off and the more carbs your trying to count, the greater the risk of highs n lows. I just had 90 carbs for dinner

Randi @Randala, a healthy, well-balanced diet with “larger” servings of some foods, plus adding another daily meal could help your son gain some good weight. I strongly advise that you get a referral to a registered dietitian who is trained in managing autoimmune [TypeOne] diabetes.

Before your son ventures into an eating-frenzy, I suggest that he become VERY familiar with how various contribute to his body glucose level and know for certain his insulin sensitivity and carbohydrate to insulin ratios; carb:insulin ratios and body sensitivity levels are different at various times of day. An endocrinologist and certified diabetes educator [CDE], both of whom know and understand TypeOne can guide him with the insulin dosing. Not all endocrinologists understand TypeOne.