16 & Type One

Hello I am Kasmere Trice. I am 16 and I have just been diagnosed with type one diabetes in March , 2010 .

basically same for me minus 3 years. ha! well, i've had it for about 6 months. so fun...

ive only had my type 1 for a couple weeks(since may 5 2010)

My daughter Haley was diagnosed on Monday May3rd....she is almost 11 and can't sign up on here bc they said she has to be 13.

I know she'd love to talk to some people that can relate to her. So I will let her use my account to respond. Thanks.



I'm 16 and just got diagnosed in novemeber!

Here's to show you how weird this stuff is. I will be 2 years as a type 1 in aug./10. Now the weird part, I am 54 now. Welcome to Juvenation!!!!