17 weeks prego and trying to get BG in better control

My last A1C was 7.0 and I am trying to get it to 6.0. With all the hormones fluctuating and belly growing this seems almost impossible. I am using triple the dose than I was pre-pregnancy and this works for the most part and then BAM it's too much insulin. My doc and I are trying to figure out the perfect formula. I take Humalog and Lantus. I am doing pretty good for the most part. I have decided that 2 is enough stress on this body. They are so worth it though. Anyways I am excited to join this group and am ready to share information and to learn as well. It's nice to vent to people who understand. ;)


When i got pregnant i was around the same A1C as you, i've gotten mine down to 5.3 but it took a lot of time and insulin!!  I use the pump though and i have a sensor that keeps my sugars on a screen so that i can always tell what my levels are like.  I still think the range you are in is good and safe, as i know other type1s that have been pregnant and in the 7s the whole pregnacy. 

I'm now 34.4 weeks along and looking forward to having the baby and going back to regular amounts of insulin!!  Before i was pregnant i took about 50-60 units per day (bolus and Basil together)  now i'm up to 130-150 units per day (bolus and basil toghether).  Becausei 'm on the pump i only use one type of insulin, HUMALOG. 

Good luck and give us updates on how you are doing !!!