1st check up

We have Ava's first quarterly check up this Saturday. Her Endo has clinic on saturdays durring the school year so the kids won't miss any school. Anyway, it's our first so just wondering what to expect. I know to take her log book with us, and I know they will check her A1 numbers. Anything else we should either prepare her for, or know about? 

I don't have a lot of advice b/c it's been years snce I saw a pediatric endo, but I had to comment -- Sat appts?! That's amazing!

I usually try to go to endo appts with not only recent BG;s, but also a list of my current carb ratios, and a list questions if I have any. Then, I make sure to leave with any changes to doses written down. The amount of feedback and the way it's presented *really* depends on the style of the endo. Just remember, even if they seem unhappy about certain numbers, you all are doing your best!!!

I've had 2 check ups since I was diagnosed in July and I bring all of my meters with me to my appointment and test on every meter when they draw blood from my arm and compare the results to the blood test that the hospital does to make sure my meters are accurate. It seems to me like you've got everything else you'll need. Good luck at the appointment :)

Usually the only thing they asked for is every meter she's used so they can download the data (now they download the pump). I always brought a notebook full of the literature and some paper for making notes.

Love that you get Saturday appointments. I sure wish we had those!

Thanks all!

Our clinic and Endo seem great. They have a really strong feeling about not wanting Diabetes to be something that gets in the way of school. They are very insistent that appts be on Saturdays, that kids not leave school because they are low or high unless extreme. They were telling us that they feel this sets the kids up to use Diabetes as an excuse, or for them to be treated any differently. They are also really involved with the school district. I don't know about all that, but I'm pretty excited not to have to take time away from work to take her in. 


     During my first few appointments following diagnoses my APN just tried to make sure she had the right carb to insulin ratio. We had to adjust a few times and even switch to a different brand of insulin, but after a few visits we got everything sorted out. Also, she checked my organ function because before I was diagnosed I had some liver damage and temporary blindness due to DKA. She schedules appointments with the podiatrist, and optician after her initial check ups just to cover all the bases. You may expect some kind of all round check up at some point. It will be okay. She is in excellent hands I am sure. Good luck!!

Have your daughter drink some water an hour before the appointment so she's able to give a urine sample.  That's how the doctor monitors kidney function.  

Also make sure she wears shoes that can easily be slipped off when she's weighed and measured and clothes that can easily be removed, so she can put on an exam gown.  The doctor will probably do a full physical.    

Bring a list of all medications she takes and a list of questions you have. 

Sounds like you have an excellent care team and the appointment will go well.