1st infusion site change

sorry, but i just need to brag for a second.

i just changed my infusion site for the first time since my diabetes educator did it. it went well! :)

Yay, I'm so glad for you! That's great; how are you liking the pump??

Good job Bri - I remember the first month I had the pump I wanted to throw it out the window so it's nice to hear you had a good experience with it the first time!  Best of luck with it all!  Be well.

Congratulations! I'm glad you had a good time. May you have many more to come.


I changed my site alone for the first time today, too, and did not have such a good time. But the (third) new site's working, doesn't hurt, and is giving me insulin, so i can't complain too loud.

Ohh, Ajax, sorry :P That doesn't sound like any fun. Glad that 3rd time was the charm, and my fingers are crossed that it goes better for you next time!

thanks! i'm liking it a lot. the only thing i'm not too fond of is having it on me 24/7, but it's really no big deal

hey ajax. i read about that on the post what was your last blood sugar? i can't believe you had to change it 3 times. that's crazy. hope the next time goes well

The first one always goes well, cause we are nervously careful. Just wait until you try to rush it... (Evil Music Here) But no, it is great that things went so well on your first shot. I wish you many more good infusion set changes.

Ajax, early morning infusion set changes are not always the best. I have killed a few being to tired to change stuff. Which is why I now wait until after the shower before I try to change my site. Granted, you can always pull the awake enough to get the infusion site changed but not awake enough to remember to remove the old infusion site. You think it won't happen to you, but 9 months in I finally did it. You will laugh at yourself and say wow, Brian was right.

i totalllly understand your excitement!
did you change it without numbing your site first?

i didn't numb it. personally i don't think they hurt, but maybe it depends on what kind of set you have

Congrats i rememer the first time i changed mine i was so scared bcs at the time my mom was putting it in for me and i always thought she was going to do it wrong so we would fight and fight until finally when i wasnt looking she would walk up behind me and put it in....