1st Walk for a Cure

My family and I are participating in our first Walk for a cure event this October. I have seen the tips/ideas for fundraising on the main site as well as my states site but was wondering if anyone out there had any additional ideas. Has anyone worked with local businesses and offered to put their logo on your shirt for a specific dollar amount donation? Any ideas/suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.

i am walking my first walk this november! :) GOODLUCK! 

Hi Jason some of my fundraising ideas may be unique to my situation because I own 2 clothing boutigues here in our city.  Some things we have done are garage sale, had rubber bracelets made with JDRF on them and sold them in store and locally, contacted a local tshirt company that was popular in our area to design a JDRF shirt using their logo, fashion show including all stores at our location with $5 tickets to get in and a silent auction, and our store did a casting call for models with an application fee that was donated.

My sister is a teacher and she had the kids at her school buy paper sneakers that they could color and glitter then they hung them on the wall at their school...they school gave the class with the most purchased a pizza party.

This year we are trying to get my husbands business to do what you mentioned above as far as the tshirts but we will have the company buy the tshirts and then use the profit from the sale of them as a donation.


I'm always looking for ideas for fund raising as well.