2 boxes Enlite sensors—can anyone use?

I’ve switched to a new pump, and have 2 new boxes of Medtronic Enlite sensors I can no longer use. Happy to ship to someone who can! Please private-message me.

That sounds awesome. Too bad I use Guardian.

Hi, sounds a good option, but where do you live? I’m UK based so if you are US based I’d suspect the shipping charges would be pretty high. Let me know though…

I’m in the US. I’m happy to figure out the postage and you can decide if it’s worth it moneywise. Send me your postal code if you’d like me to check!

Hi, my postcode is NR16 2PX,thanks let’s see…

Hi Sally. The postage to you would be US$24. Let me know. Thanks!

Hi, I’ve just seen your response. Wow $24 postage sounds amazing and I’m very happy to pay. Can I give you some money towards the sensors or send you some items from the UK in return?

Kind regards

Sally MacMillan

Hi Sally, no it’s no trouble, if you can just pay me the postage that’s fine. (Paypal?)

Let me type details (more than my brief post on the forum): these are 2 boxes, I received them from Medtronic Minimed in May and the Medtr date stamps on the boxes are March 2019. The boxes are torn open through their security seals—by me—but they haven’t been tampered with. (Short version of the story: I accidentally ordered Enlites when I now use Guardians, and I opened them not realizing; so couldn’t return to Medtronic.) But again, they’re perfectly intact boxes otherwise, kept in cool and dark. I wouldn’t risk a fellow Type 1’s health!

If you let me know the address I can send them. This would be Airmail which I think they say is 5 to 10 days.


Hi, OK great, yes v happy with PayPal. My boxes look like attached, assume yours do as well?

Keep me posted

Sally MacMillan

Hi Sally, yes, identical boxes to your photos.

If you’d like to PayPal the $24. my PP account is: skorinchak@gmail.com.

Please let me know if you have any trouble. (My email address is the same.)

I can post the box on Friday morning. Let me know your address when you’re ready!

Warm wishes,


Hi Sandra, money and home address sent. Sally