2 year old diagnosed in October

Hi everyone,
My daughter was diagnosed with type I towards the end of october. I’m trying to get the most information that I can about diabetes. My daughter is currently getting lantus in the morning and humalog after each meal. How long does it normally take until we see lower levels for her? She is consistently in the 200s and our doctor doesn’t seem phased by that and I’m not sure if we should be worried. Our first true A1C test will be in march.

Hi, my 10 year old son was diagnosed in September.  He also gets Humalog and Lantus, but he takes the Lantus at bedtime.  As for your questions, I'm sorry, I really have no ideas.  We are new to this and I am in no way able to give advice.  Once we started the insulin, we were in target range within a few days, of course with a few highs and lows here and there.  His target range is 80-180 right now.  I have no clue what range a 2 year old should be in.  He has a check up schedule in a week and I think that they plan to do a new A1C so I am really curious to see what it is and if we have been doing everything right!!  Please message me if you ever want to talk.  

My son was diagnosed at 16 months (3 yrs old now). 200s are pretty normal. We actually try to get him above 200 before bed to last him through the night. Most of our correction doses start at 200. Our doctor actually targets an A1C of around 8.0 (200+ avg BS). I can't tell you how long until you see lower levels. Things fluctuate so much. No week will be the same. If he plays hard they drop. If he has a high stress day, they shoot up. Number seems to be different each week when we are doing the exact same methods. Growing plays fun with it too. It's an art, not a science. Keep repeating that to yourself. It's tough at first but it does become a routine after a while.

Your doctor is being smart to adjust blood sugars down slowly, especially since your daughter may still be in the honeymoon phase and producing a little insulin on her own.  When she gets a little older a normal target range is 80-120.  I usually aim for 100 to make the math easy.

I was diagnosed at age 4, a few years before glucose meters were available.  I've never had perfect control, but am now 38 with no complications.  I have a non-diabetic son of my own.  

This list has a bunch of great books.  As you have questions come up, please let us know.  Take care.