2009--No more Denial

After 27 years of being in semi-denial...ie; "I'll take care of myself but if I pretend I don't have it then it can't run my life."  I know...stupid.  This year I am going to be more open and honest with myself.  I've registered for Ride to Cure Diabetes in Tucson and I'm actually going to ask people to support me in my 109 mile ride by donating money.  Big step me for me on many levels.  This will be a major, positive step for me.


Wooohooooooooooo!!!!  I am always very excited to see people getting more involved in their care and in pro-diabetic causes!  Thank you for your time on the ride and I hope you will keep us posted on your training, your trials, and wins throughout the process.

It is never easy for me to ask for money either – though I will be for this years walk…  I guess I mention it so I can also say thank you for being an inspiration…



you know i was never active in the Diabetes community because i was kinda mad at the ADA for messing up my name on their letters to me. i know lame reason, but yeah now i am one step closer to doing something proactive. i might become a mentor for families for the walks. i just need to seriously think if i can and will do it considering i have classes and i might be leaving the area around the time the walks start up.