2021 DME Mail order Supplier

Dexcom has finally decided they are moving me to a supplier instead of ordering direct from them. Does anybody have a recommendation from the list I have available?

  1. Adapt Health
  2. Byram Healthcare
    3.US Medical Supply

Dexcom rep said Adapt Health bought Solara so that is the same one.

Thanks for any good or bad recommendations.

Kevin @Grumpy , for my first Dexcom G5 order, Dexcom set me up with Byram, and when I changed from MiniMed pumps to Tandem, I began getting all my pump supplies, as well as my new pump, through Byram. Works VERY smoothly, especially because I’m a Medicare Beneficiary.

Re-orders are very simplified, both when using the Byram website “Place an Order” or by responding to a Byram text reminding me that I should be placing an order. The only “slight” glitch occurred when Byram used an incorrect billing code; my Medicare Advantage carrier, United Health, made a phone call and provided necessary education.

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Thanks for your experience Dennis

I have been getting my Dexcom CGM g6 supplies from a company called PUMPS IT 3months supplies 4 times a year… Not a bad company to do business with.

Our insurance required that we use Solara. They are great. They always send plenty supplies, i.e. tegaderm, skin prep and skin cleaning with the Dexcom.

I’ve had terrible experience with Byram and would not recommend them. The customer service and support is terrible as is their online ordering system. Just getting an online account was difficult because their system wasn’t working properly for months and their tech support did not know how to fix it. In addition, despite signing up to have supplies auto-refilled, supplies have NEVER been auto-refilled and when I have called they have no explanation for why it’s not working or how to fix it.

@pshonk @nkim …Thanks for adding your experiences guys