21 and newly diagnosed

I am 21 years old and Newly diagnosed... I am lost in this new world as a diabetic... working as an EMT with many health problems and now prednisone induced type 1 diabetes... so many questions but lost in the whirl

I'm glad to see you posted on the main forum,Amanda! Hopefully Ajax will see this and help you out with some of your questions!

We're happy to see you on here. We all understand how new diagnosis can be tough, but we're happy to answer your questions and help you along the way! Welcome to Juvenation :o)

welcome to juvenation! its full of great people that would be happy to anwser any questions you have. i know it can be a little over whelming. i was diagnoised over a year ago and its alot to take in at once. i hope that you find this website helpful i know that i sure have! :)

Hi Amanda, welcome to our friendly and helpful group! It is very frightening for awhile after diagnosis. It takes time to adjust, but you are here and that shows you have every intention of getting off to a good start. Ask all the questions you want!

Type 1 diabetics with good control can have long, healthy lives. I was diagnosed in 1945, when I was 6. I'm still here, and doing well. Good luck to you in the years ahead!


Hi Amanda! I was also diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as an adult, but I was 42 years old. We are here for you and you are welcome to check out the forums on juvenation. Hang on and you will get through this.

Hi Amanda!  Welcome to Juvenation!  There are so many awesome and supportive people on here for you, so don't be shy.    :oD  

i know i've already said this, but welcome! Most of these people are almost as helpful as me ;-), so throw your questions at us! 

Welcome Amanda !

thank you everyone!!! today I found the lovely fact that apparently cough syrup has a LOT of sugar lol.... everyone has been really great answering all my questons thank you so so much!!! 


Hey has anyone ever had problems with PCP dealing with you after diagnosis... I just recently got diagnosed after being diagnosed with Hyperglycemia since agust... but since I got an endo my PCP seems not to be helpful with anything... I dont know if this is normal... My endo said it isnt... an example was I had a chest infection (nothing new) but because of the infection my sugars where extremly high for a couple days in a row. when I called my doctor he just told me to go to the endo and the endo ended up sending me to the er... at this point I am trying to figure out if I should get a new PCP or if it is normal

sounds like your PCP is a big giant jerk. typically they should work together. what's the point in seeing a specialist for the endocrine system when it's your chest that has the infection? if you are able, i would consider finding a new PCP. i've had similar troubles in the past, but have finally found someone who is pretty much fantastic at working with my d-doc whenever i have an illness. 

I have a great PCP who, on certain things, will defer to my endo. BUT, any type of "normal" illness (infection, cold, etc.) my PCP is right on it. To me, sounds like you might need a new PCP, one who is more comfortable with your diagnosis.

sounds like maybe your PCP doesn't know much about diabetes and maybe wants to be sure you are taken care of the right way??? and if that's the case you need a new PCP who knows how to deal with your diabetes. good luck! :)

thanks everyone! yea I think I am going to go look for  a new pcp thank you for all your help!

Hey Amanda! I hope that you are adjusting well to your new daily routines. I was also diagnosed at the age of 21 exactly one year ago tomorrow! Please feel free to chat with me or ask any questions you would like.

Take care of yourself.


Welcome! I was diagnosed at almost 19 years of age ( a little over a year ago) and definitely know how overwhelming it is! You are definitely in my prayers! Feel free to ask questions! Good luck with everything!  Take care and God Bless! :)

I was 24 wheni became type 1. Just rember take it one day at a time.  Things will slowly start to make sense and get easyer.

That doesn't seem right. Our pediatrician and our endo work together very closely. When we were in the hospital they both checked on us. In fact our daughter had an ear infection when she was diagnosed and they worked hard to make sure she got that treated. Might be good to ask your endo if he can recommend a PCP who has some other Type 1 patients. 


I was diagnosed 5 years ago today, when I was 22. It's a lot of stuff at first, but don't worry. Diabetes is all about learning, I'm still learning and I imagine I'll be learning for the rest of my life!

We've all had days where we lose our meter, or forget to bring enough needles, or take cough syrup and then realize it has TONS of sugars:) And DO NOT get me started on Mexican food! So delicious but so hard not to go high even with a dual bolus..... Anways, we've all SOO been there so don't feel alone. There's definitely a learning curve so don't get too hung up if things don't go perfect.

My Endo is my PCP, not all Endos do this... but I'm glad mine does. Otherwise I'm not sure if 2 physicians could... know everything so completely. He's also a T1 himself, although not a pump user. You could ask your Endo if they have a PCP they would recommend....?

I would suggest that you ask your Endo about pump therapy to see if it's something you might like/benefit from. For me it's really flexible, kinda expensive, but I won't go back to MDI if I can help it. That said, I'm glad I was on MDI for a while because it helped me "get over" shots. (I still may hesitate before I give one, or before I put in my pump, but at a certain point you get used to it even if you don't like it)

Anyways, probably TMI but... Welcome to the club, ask any question that comes to mind. And by the way.... you're gonna be alright:)