21 Year Old Granddaughter with no insurance

I was skimming through all the posts, so may have missed something. First off, your granddaughter is 21, so a parent needs to get her on their insurance. That gives her 5 years of coverage and time to work out her issues, although 2021 enrollment is most likely closed at this point. So unless there is a qualified change of circumstance she needs a bridge. I’d start over with Medicaid and investigate other state assistance. Research Novalog and Humalog assistance, but it’s not just about the insulin. It’s all the supplies. You either have to research one by one for assistance programs strips, lancets, pump, syringe etc or again get familiar with state subsidized support programs. Also, check with the local JDRF and the main hospital Endo dept.

@EWBoswell54, thank you for sharing the good news about her insulin and the possibility of going full time with benefits at her bank! I hope things work out there - it could be a good start on a career path. Keep us posted on how things turn out.

@EWBoswell54 you crossed my mind yesterday so I thought I would check in. I hope “no news is good news” and that all is going well since December, and wanted to let you know I was thinking of you and your family.

Thank you for your concern. Recently she was hired full time at the bank where she had been working part time (really full time but somehow they kept her hours down such that she did not qualify for health insurance). Now she has benefits which include health insurance that is a group policy and subsidized by her employer. As a result the crises has passed.

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Wonderful news - I’m so happy for your family!

This is great news as well as a lesson, “lived”. Cheers

Whule not an answer to you, there is a very real possibility that the federal insulin cost cap will pass he Congress and be enacted. In Illinois, we have a state law that caps costs to no more than $200/month. Not great but it’s better than the $600 I was paying.