21st birthday next weekend... need advice

I find that eating a combination of carbs and protein (like breaded chicken strips or milk and crackers) right before bed prevents lows due to alcohol consumption.  Also, CHECK OFTEN!  Drinking and diabetes is kind of a trial-and-error experience, so you don't want to limit checking to every few hours.  I try to check once per hour if I'm out.  Hope this helps!!



Just friendly advise, stay sober... be the better person! 21 is an exciting age  but if you love yourself

and have never drank before why start? If you choose too consume, drink in moderation only one or two.

Search the internet, call and ask your doctor or nurse. A good diabetic dietician will also direct you right!

I choose not to consume any alochol...

Happy Holidays and be safe!!!


Thank you everyone for your advice and experiences! I really appreciate all the help.

I'll definitely keep everything in mind. My boyfriend knows how to check my blood sugar so I'm not concerned about that. I'll check as often as every hour. I don't plan to go overboard and the people I'll be with know that too. I just want to have fun. I'm not the type to do anything wild and crazy lol.

The glucagon not working when drinking is definitely something I didn't know so I'm glad some of you mentioned it!

I'll just experiment and drink in moderation to get a handle on what works for me.

Thank you again!

Some things I would like to add:

1) I can say for certain that diabetics get hangovers.  Gag.

2) When I first started drinking, I thought being buzzed felt a little like having a low.  Just be aware of that too.

Have fun!

I've had diabetes for 12 years and I've never had a hangover.  :) 

Drinking is over rated. If you have never done it before stop at 2 and do it with food in your belly. 

You should probably stop at two even if you have done it before. Alcohol makes people do stupid things they regret.


[quote user="Hayley Schreiter"]

I've had diabetes for 12 years and I've never had a hangover.  :) 


You're only 19. Just wait 20 years or so and see what happens.

I'm just sayin' that they are not biologically associated with diabetes.  But you're right, ;)

Ok first off happy birthday!! And second i was a Type 1 diabetic for about 6 months when i turned 21 and i have been on a rugby team all through college and collegiate rugby=drinking...alot lol, so here are some tips i have found.

1. I love beer, especially dark beer (guinness is my favorite) but beer will raise your blood sugar due to the ingredients, but the darker the beer the more it will rise. But stuff like Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, Miller Lite, etc. doesnt really affect it too much until you start getting into 6+ beers range.

2. If a liquor is flavored or has color its going to also raise your blood sugar to a point, especially if mixed. A shot is not really going to do anything, but a Jack and Coke.....say no lol. I have found though that Jack and Coke Zero taste the same and really wont do much damage. Just avoid juices mixed with the liquors.

3. Last point, clear liquors like vodka and everclear are your friends. If i do drink liquor its vanilla vodka and coke zero.  It doesnt affect my blood sugar, i get drunk, and it tastes great. But just watch what you mix it with.

Anytime you drink you have to watch your blood sugar, just have a close friend be your diabetes watcher for the night that will check your blood sugar for you and take care of you so you can enjoy your night, just make sure they know what to do at all times. Hope this helps

so for my 21st i drank a lot of drinks with vodka.. i asked my doctor about it though and he said there is no one in particular that is worse.. just that i should be careful when they are mixed so that i make sure to do insulin for both the juice and the alcohol...

Drinking alcohol will make your blood sugar crater hours after you drink.  I would never take insulin for juice in drinks.  Also, have a good snack and maybe take a little less insulin before bed.  Also you have to be careful for the next couple of days because, at least for me, I would go low even the next day or day after.

I have a lot of experience with this but have no concrete things that WILL work.  After years and years of drinking and then having lows for the next couple of days I've decided it's just not worth it for me anymore.  I have had issues when drinking beer, Zimas, Wine, and hard liquor of all colors.

When drinking don't try ot keep too tight control.  You need to leave yourself a cushion.


so idk about that. i always go high.. i have gone low after drinking ONCE... but all my other times i went extremely high and had to do insulin for it.. so it could be a person to person thing.. but honestly ask ur doctor.. thats wat i did and THATS where i got my information...