25 y/o, no fertility issues, have never gotten preggo w/hubby? Could it be due to high A1C levels?

I know some other T1 Diabetics who have extremely high A1C levels and they have gotten pregnant (not a healthy pregnancy). My husband and I are working to get my numbers below 7, so far I'm at 9.1 A1C (was at 11.3), not good, but better than before. We are both very aware of my target number so that we can have a healthy baby, but I wonder if in the past, all along, I could not get pregnant due to having such a high A1C? Does your A1C have anything to do with fertility?

That is a good question, I have never thought of that. I am 26 and right now I have started the first phase of getting pregnancy ready.....getting A1C down lower.  Right now I am at 7.1 but dr said I have to be at 6.0 or below. 

The main issue with getting pregnant when your sugars are high is that in the first trimester when the baby is developing, the high sugars can cause problems.  That is my biggest fear.

I'm working extra hard, but my Doc has already said it takes time and I don't want the risk of falling into a Coma (been there done that before and it sucks). I'm going to try Symlin in a few weeks, once I get it pre-authorized by my Health Insurance Co. He told me I would be an excellent candidate. :) Yay! let's pray for the best!

i've been pregnant twice in the last...three years. i can tell you my A1C was definately not under 7 at those points. hell, i was at 9.2 at my last appointment and 9.1 before that..but before that i had gotten it down to 7.8.

when i was 18 almost 19, my a1c must've still been at about 9 or 10 cuz i hadn't been switched to lantus/novorapid yet. granted, it was considered an "imcomplete" pregnancy, because the egg was fertilized but never actually attached to the wall..so i miscarried about 4weeks in.

when i got pregnant last...end of june/early july(2008)...my a1c was either 7.8 or 8.9. my endo wasn't too concerned about my last a1c, but had said if i was going ot keep it(which i didnt) we would have to work quickly and hard to get it down but that as long as we get my levels in control the baby should be fine. and that while it's better to plan pregnancy, you can have a healthy pregnancy even if you haven't been preparing your levels for it..it's just a bit harder and takes more work.

either way, it's never been under 7 and i've had no problem getting pregnant! not that i wanted to be..but my mom also claims that just looking at a boy knocks up the women on her side of the family. have you talked to your mom about your family history of pregnancy? i know a lot of girls i know got pregnant really easy, and their moms were the same way..but other girls haven't gotten pregnant(despite not using protection) and i think it was the same for their moms if i remember right.

I'm not sure about high sugars actually causing infertility but it would make sense. But, I know that high sugars increase your risk of an early miscarriage. Some women may be pregnant, not realize it yet and miscarry, and think they never conceived. But, don't worry, right around when my son was conceived, there were 2 days where I couldn't get my sugars under 300 which is extremely rare for me. Two weeks later, found out I was pregnant and it all made sense. My son was fine and my sugars were okay the rest of the pregnancy...