3 a.m. with Hope

I guess I am a night crawler. I am one of two on the forum right now out of 7500. Just saying hi to everyone and hoping your blood sugars are good as you sleep. I hope you all wake up with good levels. I am drinkin like a champ right now. I can expect elevated levels in the morning. :) Well worth it.  We can beat this disease guys and girls. I guess if awareness is to be raised about Diabetes then I guess it lies within us to raise the awareness. I would love to go back to a regular life right about now. Wouldn't you? As much as I worry about my diabetes; sometimes I forget I am Diabetic. Sometimes life feels so good that we forget we are diseased and feel like we are a normal person out there enjoying life. Then reality comes crashing down to remind us that a normal life is not so close with in our reach. But we have each other for friendship and support though. Every time you feel lonely and outcasted from the rest of the world....know that there are a bunch of us here "feeling" and "going through" the exact scenario that you are. We all long to be a regular person again. And though our efforts maybe someday we can be again. I don't want to die a diabetic....do you?

If this were Facebook, I would click the Like button.  I woke up a bit ago with a BS of 247...  maybe I was drinking in my sleep?  Waking up with these high of numbers is getting reeeeeally old.  Gar.

same here only mine was 376 and i feel like someone has taken a sledgehammer to my body....aaarrrggggghhhh.....i could drink a river(of water that is) right now.... that and i need some advil for the pounding headache as well....

I woke up at 251 this morning. What did you do to us Wolf??

:( I was trying to help. My wake up sugar is always the worst. I was hoping that people would chime in with better results. You guys are not allowed to drink with me anymore ;x   You are all going back to water and lawn clippings. :)

See, that's all you had to say.  116 this morning!  *confetti*

after reading that the other night, i woke up with a blood sugar of 5.4 :D