3 months 2 days after her diagnoses

Riley injected herself!!! She used the counter top to pinch her arm and injected the pen needle ever so slowly in and clicked clicked clicked lol I am so proud of her I cried. She did it in front of the principle and health clerk as well. I really didnt think she was going to do it cause she has said a few times before that she would and when it came down to it she couldnt do it. She had some leak back but that is ok cause she did it herself. Man lol I never thought I would be so excited or proud of her.

That's very exciting! Congratulations! 

Congrats to Riley! I've never even injected into my own arm because I'm a little bit chicken - haha! I always go for the abdomen.  That is awesome!

That's awesome!  She is very brave.  I didn't inject myself until I was 13 or so and on the pump anyway.

lol she fears injecting herself in the tummy. She wont even let me near it. She did it again for after school snack herself and didnt get any leak back this time so yay.

Congrats!  A wonderful milestone.

I'm dancing in celebration for a BIG accomplishment by Riley. This made my day Jessica!

Give her a big hug from an old T1D who is still poking successfully after 40 years.

thats awesome! keep it up :)

She wont do the syringe herself still but that is ok. She loves the pen and did it 3 times for herself yesterday. Thanks everyone.

Congrats to your baby!

You know, when I was a kid, I often had leak back but now I never do at all, so much so that I had totally forgotten about it until you mentioned it.  I wonder what changed/what I'm doing different now than I did then.

I also like that you wrote how she did it slowly.  When I was a kid, they used to tell me to do it quick, but I eventually found that it's A LOT less painful and less likely to cause a bruise if you ease the needle in slow.

That is fantastic!

lol I didnt think I would be a little sad she is doing it on her own. Now all she needs me for is night time checks and her night time injection of levemir. Tho I am happy to take this little sadness for her to be able to manage her D needs herself. I never thought anything with D would become a milestone or one of those bitter sweet moments us parents go through with anything our kids do but it is.

Hi Jessica.

A few days ago I got Brandan's meter and stuff out and put it on the table, getting ready to assist him with checking his sugar. Well, his dad came in with his hair trimmer and asked me to touch up the back of his neck, so I did that first. Out of nowhere Brandan handed me his meter and said, "I need extra insulin. My sugar's high." I said, "We'll see in a second." He almost yelled, "I already looked!" So I turned on the meter and there it was: A new reading in the 200s! He's only 3 years old! I can't tell you how shocked and proud I was. There is always a little bit of sadness that comes with these milestones.

That is great, Jessica!!!  Way to go Riley!!!  :-)

Wow and YAY Trish. Its amazing how fast they pick up on it and adjust to it.

Kudos to Jessica and Trish.  These are the things that in an odd way bring a sense of joy and pride to the whole ordeal.   Kevin was so proud when he became able to test himself, and I love that he knows what his numbers mean. Don't get me wrong, I'd trade D for our old normal any day, but the courage and maturity of kids and how they deal with it is inspiring.

That's awesome! It's always great to see kids learning how to take care of their diabetes! :)

Ok, Brandon has me dancing again. Them T1D kids are amazing. An adult contained in a little vessel. 

Big steps w/T1D come in little packages.