30-day averages on your meter

Do your meter averages correspond well to your A1c's? I feel like mine generally do although they are maybe slightly higher. What are your averages if you want to share? (Feel free not to share if you don't want to though!) My 14 day average is 124 and my 30 day average is 125.

last a1c= 5.4

14 day average=167

31 day average=144

wow i didnt know i was running higher than usual this was a good thread idea thanks!

average checking per day for the past 31 days=12.2


7 day average - 129

14 day average - 131

30 day average - 142

7 day -128

14 day - 128

30 day - 124

My numbers seem to indicate that the last couple of weeks were
not as good as the two weeks before.  I have some work to do
over the next few weeks because I have an A1c and endo
appointment at the end of the month.  128 should get me a
6.1 A1c but I had been trying to get something in the high 5's.

7 day - 97

14 day - 96

30 day - 102

My last A1C was when I was diagnosed a month ago and that was 14. I go in this Friday to see what it is!

7 day: 121

14 day: 122

30 day: 120

Last A1c: 6.0

How's that for consistency?  Haha I never check the averages on the meter...it's a lot prettier than I expected.  I run low a lot more than high so it's kind of skewed down.


It is 130am and my meter is across the room but, I definitely don't think it is as good as these amazing numbers! how do you all do it!!!  so jealous!

Gina's meter is across the room and mine, all the way downstairs, so I'm not going down there to check the averages (I won't take any offence if anyone wants to call me lazy!!!  =P  )

I don't often check the averages on my meter because I know that I don't usually test my BG if I feel that I am low.  I usually just head straight to the fridge for some juice, than wait a bit and then test.  If I'm still low,  well...  you guys all know the drill!

So all that being said, my meter mostly has numbers that are within range or high, which would result in elevated averages...

My last A1C was 6.9%.  I was thrilled with that one because it's the lowest it has been in many years!


7days(13 pokes) = 13.2

14days(36 pokes) = 12.5

30days(104 pokes) = 11.7

60days(204 pokes) = 12.3

90days(272 pokes) = 12.6


last a1c = 9.4

previous a1c = 9.2

7 DAY = 108(6)

14 DAY = 123(6.83)

30 DAY = 118(6.55)

60 DAY = 120(6.67)

90 DAY = 120(6.67)

LAST A1C = 6.3

OMG Seeing all of your numbers makes me really sad!

7 Days 144

14 Days 151

30 Days 146

I'm going back to the Endo on Thursday for an updated A1C. Last time it was 7.3%, I was hoping to get below 7 but that doesn't sound very good

Now I'm sad and discouraged :o(

haha Gina, these are amazing! 

Last A1C - 7.0 (usually in the 6s though, so I'm trying to get it back down)

7 days (52 numbers) - 116

14 days (102 numbers) - 126

30 days (231 numbers) - 143

Wow, my numbers for the past week are much better than the past month...I want to know what my A1C is now.

Which meters go back past 30 days?  I believe mine only averages
back to 30 days.

I have the One Touch Ultra Smart and it goes back 90 days.

The meter for my Omnipod goes back 90 days, so I guess that would be the freestyle meter.

7 day avg. - 118

14 day avg. - 120

30 day avg. - 122

not too bad considering I just started pumping a month ago and my numbers were pretty crazy at the beginning.

30 day average = 98

A1c = 8.1

Not quite there, but one month ago my A1c was 14.


148 little bummed. I have been running a little high the past week. I lowered my basal and have purposely been under taking after another scary low episode. Too many readings in the 200's :(

Oh and I switched over to carb counting from my sliding scale which has been interesting. I get my A1c back next week. Anything below a 7 will be fine with me.

i've only had this meter for a week, so i dont have a true 30day average.

my 7day average is 10 though...but i've had some highs while we're figuring out my basal rates.

7 day- 130

14 day-130

30 day-133 whooo hooo