32 Weeks and BH Pain?

I am currently 32 weeks (33 tomorrow) and the past 2 nights I have been woken up from a dead sleep with such sharp pains only on the left side of my stomach. They feel like very sharp menstrual cramps, but when I started noticing that there was a pattern to them I timed them. For about an hour, I had the cramping for almost 1 minute, occuring every 2 minutes. I thought I was going into labor crying in bed last night! My poor husband...anyway, I read online that sometimes BH can be painful and to get up moving around and drink water. After another hour of this mess I finally fell asleep and today I feel like I got hit by a truck. No more pain but I did wake up and have some clotting. Can anyone give some advice as to their BH and any kind of pain or anything else I can associate this with? I am really nervous because the past week my sugars have also been great (even on the lower side) the third trimester for me so far has been a roller coaster. So to start having sugars that are where they should be doesn't seem right to me!! Thank you all so much for anything you can suggest!


Hey Crystal,

I would recommend getting checked out my your doctor ASAP. This is NOT meant to scare you, but I had some pelvic pressure and general uncomfortableness around 32 weeks myself. Didn't think too much of it until I went in for a routine check up and mentioned it to my doctor. She did a FFN test and then checked my cervix and I was 1 cm dilated! After being monitored for a while I wound up spending that weekend in the hospital getting steroid shots and other meds to stop contractions. Thankfully everything turned out ok...but then I had false labor for the rest of the pregnancy (regular contractions that caused very slow dilation and effacement- My general rule to prevent us from going to the hospital every day was that if I could sleep through it, it wasn't time). Even when I was induced my contractions never really fit the typical contraction mold. What I'm getting at is that I think you should definitely call your doc and/or get checked out because anything out of the blue like that could be causing cervical change. The clotting may also indicate some cervical change. I'll be hoping that this is nothing though! You're in my thoughts!

I called my doctor. They told me that I needed to rest for the rest of the day and drink lots of fluids. I need to call back if the blood gets red or more frequent. But because he is still moving around they didn’t seem bothered. I had an appointment scheduled for tomorrow anyway, with my twice weekly stress tests so I guess thats why no concerns? It doesn’t make me feel good when I am worried and they dont seem to be bothered. I hope they are better when I am ready to have him!


Something I have noticed with my doctor was that if he was worried then i  worried! if they are worried they will send you directly to the hospital.