3rd Day on OMNIPOD!

I started the Omnipod 3 days ago. Its great!! Im trying not to get too excited, but I feel a sense of hope


I'm glad to hear you are happy with the omnipod.  It is always nice to find a tool that helps improve your health and happiness.  Good luck the rest of the way!

hey jessie, I know what you mean! I just started on the one touch ping on monday and I loovee it! even though its only been a few days I already feel so much better, physically and mentally. I hope the success continues for us =)

Good luck!! Hope you have good sugars.

     The Omnipod and other pumps make some things simpler.  The biggest for me is not having to wait for reactions when the long and short acting insulins interact in a negative way.  Since I've been on the Omnipod, I've eliminated so many of the lows that I've had to deal with.  They're not all gone, but I'm getting closer.  This is the first pump I've used in the almost 34 years that I've been diabetic.  It was a tough decision between the Omnipod and the One Touch Ping.  Having the remote option is the feature I love the most.  I hope you have continued success with your new pump.

You all are really making me want to try a pump again, esp. now that BC/BS is actually covering the Omnipod. My next endo appt is at the end of Sept ... I may have to ask him!

How big is the pod? (I think that's what it's called)

     It can't hurt to try.  The Omnipod is the first and so far only pump I've ever had, and I absolutely love it.  It's not perfect, but it's a good fit for my lifestyle.  You should definitely look into it if nothing else.  There are a lot of people here who can help out or answer any questions you might have.  At its biggest point the pod is a little bigger than 1" x 2".  Personally it doesn't get in the way unless I'm in clutz mode.  I have a bad habit of trying to cut corners too close a bit too often.