4 am

You know what just pisses me off?  Waking up low at 4am!  I had a snack before I went to bed and here I am awake in the middle of the night eating everything in the kitchen because I feel soooooooooo bad!  And of course I don't have the self control to stop myself (i'm barely awake, and i can't think straight with this low blood sugar!).  So I'll take some insulin, drink some water, use the restroom and go back to bed.  Of course I'll lay awake wondering if I'll be low again in the morning or high because I didn't take enough insulin? 

I hade middle of the night low blood sugars.

And low blood sugars before test and presentations in school.

And low blood sugars when I'm driving, or in church, or at work. 

I just hate low blood sugars!  They are scary!  And that's why we let our sugars hang out soooooooo high all the time.  The recommended range is 70-110 (or 80-120) and we like to sit 130-140...150 before bed...

It's 5am now.  Let's see if I can get some more sleep...

Oh, dear, I know those are so frustrating....That's strange...maybe a possibility is talking to your doctor about lowering your needed dose of 24 hour insulin. I was having a lot of lows at strange times, but once I lowered my lantus dose i was much better. Also another thing you could do is check your blood sugar right before bed. Depending on how low it is, drink some fast acting sugar like juice and a snack. This should sustain you more. Keep a snack or some other sugar in your room just in case.

I'm not sure if any of these things will help, but I know these have all helped me quite well... good luck! :)

So are you on an insulin pump? Or taking shots?

i know what you mean, i have done that before, and i eat ALL THIS FOOD, like some yogurt, chips, toast... i mean its like oooh that looks yummy and your craving all this stuff cuz you feel bad and its just nuts

i'm on an insulin pump and i just got the cgms, i'm getting it set up next tuesday.  hope that will help me get my basal's straight some more


Hopfully the cgms will help with getting ur basal's straight for u. And about the low's man I know what u mean my normal time for low's was between 4-6am and the crazy things that I would eat just to feel better was rediculas. Then of course u may not be fully awake yet so u go the bathroom and then go back to bed but when u lay down ur worried about dropping low again or am I going to be high in the morning cause I didn't give enough insulin for everything I just feed myself. And sometimes no matter what when u finally do wake up in the morning u still feel like crap cause of everything u went through the night before.