4 hours with BG above 250 and now Upper arms hurt?

Maybe unrelated, already have a call in to the endo...but here is the story:

I got home from work around 7pm, around 7:30 my son (16 yrs, T1 on July 09) asks me why his feet are bright red.  I immediately test his BG and it is 280.  He tells me he got home at 2:30pm, ate bagel bites (~90carbs) without any insulin or checking his BG, then went about his business until 7:30.  Symptoms during this time- thirsy, frequent urination, lethargy, headache, extreme hunger, sore throat...pretty normal for high BG.   By 9pm his BG is 170(due to the novolog), he goes to sleep.   This morning he is very tired, complaining his throat still hurts and his upper arms and back are very painful.  Any movement or the lightest touch hurt him.  I get the sore throat, but what is up with the  arm and back pain?  No exercise yesterday that would make him sore.  I asked him why he thought his arms hurt, he said he thought it was unrelated to diabetes but maybe he hit his arms on the bedside table at night....now I am not a genius but it would be fairly impossible for him to hit one arm on his bedside table and then roll over and bang the other one a few times on the table...pretty funny that this is his conclusion.  (how many brain cells did that 4 hrs of high BG destroy!).  So has anyone else experienced any sore muscles after a high BG?  Also how long does it take you to recover your energy.  This kid has been sleeping 12-14 hours a day after a high BG....Maybe something else is going on?

I've definitely had sore muscles after being both high and low. When there's no insulin, there's no energy, so there as well not be any sugar, which means your muscles are building lactic acid for much smaller movements than they normally would, and it builds up quickly.

There might be something else going on as well, though. Sleeping a lot and sore muscles can also be early signs of infection or flu. I wouldn't be too worried.

After an extremely high high I feel like someone worked me over with a baseball bat.  You're muscles will be sore but usually it's an all over soreness not just one specific body part unless he was doing some kind of strenous excerise that focused on his arms.  It's natural to also be tired, etc from a high blood sugar.  But he is also 16 so even a healthy 16 year old tends to sleep a lot.  How long does it take to recover your energy?  Well - it depends - I personally get very dehydrated so I have drink, drink and drink a lot of water to recoop.  If he sleeps, stays well hydrated and equalizes his blood sugars he should recoop quickly.  But again you're dealing with a growing 16 year.  If his sugars continue to be elevated it's possible he could be coming down with the flu or some kind of infection.  I wouldn't worry too much.