4 weeks in India on the road - supplies?

I am going to India for 4 weeks this september and I am going to be travelling 2K miles across the country in an auto rickshaw. There are 3 of us going and I am trying to figure out the best way to bring enough supplies, break them up in case something gets lost or stolen and also deal with heat and insulin. Any ideas? I was thinking about breaking into 3 clusters of 2-3 bottles each plus 100 strips and a separate meter and pump supplies. Have one close by on hand and the other two sets in other bags/areas of our ride in case something happens. Not sure how i will keep things cool though, especially being on the road 12 hours a day and not likely to stay anywhere that there might be a fridge at night for ice packs. Anyone out there do anything long distance like this that may have some advice?

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I haven't been on a long distance trip before, but I go camping a lot.  I usually keep my insulin in a 5-day cooler which I got from Target.  It's like $50 or something like that.  However, it is a pretty big cooler for traveling.  But, it does work well, keeping ice for up to 5 days.  I tried to find like a lunch box sized one, but the only one I could find that small is for fisherman and it's pretty pricey, but this is the link:  http://store.yeticoolers.com/products/Roadie-Series-%252d-15-Quart.html

Oh!  I almost forgot...Best of luck and have a fun and safe trip!