5 weeks and no symptoms

Hi all...I am 5 weeks today and besides some mild headaches I have NO pregnancy symptoms...I am scared that I will miscarry :(  anybody have any words or when their symptoms started?

I don't remember any symptoms at 5 weeks. Then at about 6 1/2 weeks the morning sickness hit really bad. I am already pretty small. I was 94 lbs and in 1 week I dropped down to 90. The doctors put me on Zofran to help with the sickness. I wouldn't worry yourself too much though. Lots of women go thru their pregnancies without having any morning sickness or other complications. My best friend never had 1 day of morning sickness thru her pregnancies and she has 2 beautiful and healthy little girls. It is a blessing to not have morning sickness. So if you never get it, be happy! I am almost 13 weeks and I still worry everyday about a miscarriage or birth defects. One of my very good friends had a stillborn baby when she was full term. So I am very aware that anything can go wrong. But even she, who has been thru this traumatic event of loosing a baby boy, told me that you can't dwell on all the bad "what-ifs" during your pregnancy. You are pregnant with a little miracle! Try to be positive and more than anything just take care of your health. If you are healthy, baby should be healthy.

Thank you girl,

That did make me feel better :)  I googled it and you were right...looks like people generally start getting the morning sickness at 6-8 weeks...so maybe I will have about a week or two more of just headaches :)  So excited for you and yes I will try to stay positive that I did get pregnant again.


I didn't get morning sickness until i was just about 8 weeks.  But no worries, some women like my sis don't even get morning sickness.  Congrats!!

Okay good...I will just be patient then :)  just freaking out with a previous miscarraige on my brain...

I wouldn't worry about the morning sickness, I am about 29 weeks and never had any. I am having a lot of complications now, but the baby is fine and I don't think early symptoms are necessarily a sign of what is going to happen.

I didn't have any symptoms until 7 weeks when I started having horrible morning sickness. I only knew I was pregnant when I was 5 days late.

Well I am now 10 weeks preggo and still no symptoms except ginormous boobs, sore skin, bloating, and gas...

I'm 16 weeks on Thursday and really had no morning sickness except for literally two days of nausea with no vomiting!