5 wks, progestrone and crummy bg's

i am 5 wks and my hcg is great.  they started me on progestrone b/c i have a history of miscarriage.  my first u/s is tuesday. 

here's my issue.  my bg's have been terrible.  anytime i eat any carbs, even if i prebolous, eat major protein, and walk in place, i am spiking at 160-180 1 hour post.  is anyone else having this or has anyone else had this?  i am so afriad of what it is doing to the baby.  i thought bg's were supposed to drop in the first tri, so far my insulin doses just keep going up.  it makes me nervous for 2 reasons- 1. why is my body not acting how most? 2. what is that 180 doing to my baby? 

i honestly can't handle losing another child.  every other time i have been pregnant my bg's have dropped and been perfect- like a 130 high.  i am worried.  my endo just keeps adjusting and telling me to eat carbs.  i am so scared of losing the baby all i feel ok eating is salad, eggs, meat and cheese.  

any ideas for carb choices that have a super low GI?  any thoughts on the higher bg's?  anyone else have issues with progestrone?  any encouraging words that in the meantime the 180's aren't destroying my baby? 


First off, EVERYONE, spikes 1 hour post meal.  Even people who aren't diabetic.  The rise you're experiencing doesn't seem crazy.  If you were 300 or 400 I'd be concerned.  Are your 2 hour post meal tests normal?  When I was pregnant I aimed for a blood test of 80 and then tested a bunch to ensure I didn't drop low.  At 80 I didn't have much cushion, so I had to be careful to avoid a low.

The progesterone level naturally spikes in the 3rd trimester and causes major insulin resistance.  Since you're taking progesterone now, I'm guessing it's causing the same problems.  Keep a careful log of your blood sugars for 3 days and see if there are times where you're high for all 3 days.  If so, SLOWLY increase your basal rate.  You may also need to adjust your carb ratio.  In my 3rd trimester I dropped mine from 1u=15g carb to 1u=10g.  

Through most of my pregnancy I took about 40 units of insulin a day, but in the 3rd trimester when progesterone levels increased I needed almost 100u a day!  

Know that stress can increase blood sugars too.  It's hard to do, but try to stop worrying so much.  I firmly believe that a baby-to-be does best when mom is happy and feeling good.  You're smart to take good care of yourself.  Once you're out of the first trimester see if there are Moms in Motion or other exercise classes in your area.  I did water aeorbics and yoga and it was great to get exercise and meet other expecting moms.  Enjoy this time with your husband and enjoy being pregnant.  Expecting a baby is such a special time and you be will awed by how amazing your body is as it changes and grows to bring your baby into the world... truly miraculous.  

Take care.


Hi Jenna,

Thank you so much for the reassurance.  It really does help take off the edge and put my mind at ease.  My I:C ratio has never been this high and you are probably right that it is from the progestrone.  The good news is that I am sicker than a dog in the morning so something must be going right.  

I love the idea about a water aerobics or something.  I have a 2 1/2 yr old (I was misdiagnosed with T2 during his pregnancy and then after he was born they did a c-peptide and discovered I am T1- so this is my first T1 pregnancy), it would be fun to see if they have some class I can do with him in the water too.  

Thanks for the helpful ideas and support.  It really really really helps!!!


180 will not hurt the baby.   BGs above 120 are going to happen and you have just do your best to bring them down safely.  

Progesterone seems to cause insulin resistance and if it's anything like the resistance I had when I was 8 & 9 months pregnant you'll need a ton of extra insulin.  I was up to 1 unit for every 2 grams of carbs.  I was changing reservoirs in my pump daily when I could usually go 4 days.  

Work with your team....  be careful not to over-correct.   Going too low is not great for mom or baby either!    

Hi Rachel,

You will not hurt the baby with a BS of 180 after eating. I was like you during my pregnancy (I now have a 9 month old son). I was so afraid that I'd then end up bolusing extra to avoid highs and my sugars were dropping constantly. You have to remember that you have more of a window of safety going a bit high after eating than too low. Also, wait to test until 1 hour after eating. Stick to complex and whole grain carbs, and you should be fine.

During my 3rd trimester I experienced exactly what Katie and Jenna wrote about during the 3rd trimester as well. I was in disbelief at how much insulin I needed even though I was not eating much carbs. In the morning I was always fighting HBSs.

My doctor told me not to worry, as long as the rest of my day was balanced and I was not staying elevated for long it was fine. I wore and still wear an insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor and they make my life much better both while I was pregnant and now that I'm a nursing and busy mom.

Try to relax a bit. It sounds like you are a healthy, aware and protective mommy already and you will do fine!