5 years down the road?

So I just went to my dr. and we were talking about the pumps out there now (mine is old, they don't even make it anymore) and she said that in maybe like 5 years down the road they're going to have this new thing that has both insulin and sugar in it and a sensor so it will sense your blooks sugar and give you what you need. Basically like an artifical pancreas. Cool right? Another thing she mentioned that will hopefully be out in about 5 years is you take one shot in the morning and it's nanotechnology so these little things (in your bloodstream) will release the insuling when it senses you need it. That sounds a little freaky to me but, hey, everyone to their own.

The nanotechnology thing sound pretty sweettttt to me- then again the docs told my parents diabetes would be cured in ten years.... 14 years later haha. But that would be sooooooooo cool - but kinda scary lol

Yes, there's lots of cool stuff they are working on. But I wouldn't count on the time line though. I have found over the decades that every time a doc quotes a time frame for a new technology, they are way off base.

that's true. Although she said (i think for the nanotechnology) that the guy's son has type 1 and he's trying to get it done before his kid goes to college

The pump with sugar in it doesn't sound that great to me, but I guess I like treating my lows with candy. =)

The smart insuins actually are being tested.  Think they sound like the most promising diabetes treatment out there.  But like Coravh said, who knows how long it will take to get them through FDA approval.  If they need test subjects, I'd totally agree to do it!

I had read that they are experimenting not with sugar in the pump but with glucagon which apparently we t-1's don't make sufficiently either.  The problem as I understood was the stability of it, since its potency decreases quickly.

I haven't really heard of any of this. i remember one of my high school bio teachers mentioning nanotechnology for other uses at one point, but we were thinking years and years down the line. It is pretty creepy to think of a little robot thing floating in your blood stream, and just crazy that that's even possible.

Rebecca, I totally agree, the nanotech kinda freaked me out. It's like, what if they pop or whatever when you don't need them to?

Dan, you're right. I just couldn't remember the acutal word she had used. I didn't know we didn't make enough though. interesting.