$50,000 for diabetes camps

If you visit this Pepsi web site and vote it could help send kids to diabetes summer camps.


DStory - My Life with Diabetes will empower kids with diabetes to tell the world their stories through video. They will shoot and edit their own stories and DECA will use the videos to help raise money for more kids to attend diabetes camp. DStory - My Life with Diabetes will put the job of raising awareness about type 1 diabetes in the hands of kids that live with it 24/7.

Approximately 125,000 youth in the US have type 1 diabetes. These kids wrestle every minute of the day with blood sugar levels and insulin injections. Diabetes is the only disease that puts health management solely in the hands of the person that has it. Diabetes camps provide the skills and confidence that kids with diabetes need to self manage their disease so they can live healthy, normal lives.

Only 30,000 kids in the US attend diabetes camp. We want to give that opportunity to every child with diabetes. This grant will send kids to camp and will help DECA raise awareness to help keep their mission alive.

How will the 50K be Used?
Budget Notes: Our budget does not cover admin staff or staff time at DECA affiliated diabetes camps participating in our program. We will visit the camps during their normal operating hours and use our program as an activity that campers can participate in. Budget will cover video editing and coordination costs.
$ 25,000    Provide scholarships for kids to go to diabetes camp
$ 5,000    5 flip cameras will go to each of the 5 camps we work with
$ 5,000    Computers and software for kids to learn to edit video
$ 1,000    Hard drives to permanently store the video shot
$ 5,000    Transportation costs
$ 9,000    Staffing and post production costs