504 Plans

My 14 yo daughter was diagnosed in April 09 with Type 1.  She was at a small private school, where I teach, and we had no problems with the teachers letting her eat, drink, whatever while she was there.  She has now started high school and is going to public school.  I need to meet with the 504 coordinator to get one in place for Jordan.  I would like to be well informed before entering this meeting.  What types of things do I need to make sure are in her 504?  Never having done this before I am totally lost.  Thanks for all the help!

Hi Jenn,

If you will click on the "Life with Diabetes" tab at the top of the JDRF home page, then click on "type 1 diabetes in school" in the drop down box, you will find a link to request a "school advisory toolkit".  JDRF will email the toolkit to you. It is so handy for figuring out what to put in a 504 plan.  As both a teacher and a mother to a son with type 1, I believe it is so important to have a 504 in place.  Good luck with everything!


Jenn,  I found both the JDRF website and the diabetes.org website very helpful.  They have several examples of 504 plans you can use.  I just went through all of this so shoot me a message if you need any help.