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Hello Everyone!!
My daughter 4 years old been Diagnostic since 2018 with TypeONe. We are dealing with some question at School. They are suggested the Program Section 504 plan. Any experience to share? Please and Thank you

Hello @RAQUELOWRIGHT and welcome to TypeOneNation. A 504 plan will establish your daughter’s medical needs from pre-K through high school. Since she will not (typically) be able to take her own medication for corrections and lunch, it establishes that the nurse or qualified person help your daughter test and take insulin. It establishes what typical needs are, and exactly when to contact you in case of something atypical. It will also establish when a medical emergency is taking place and what to do. Public schools are required to help your daughter while the school is taking responsibility for her from the moment she steps on the bus until the moment she steps off it in the afternoon. It can even establish your daughter can carry a smartphone so that if you have a CGM follow app she is allowed to operate it and you can see her CGM

A 504 plan will also establish that your daughter is allowed to leave class to test and take medication, have carbohydrates on her person and allows her to treat a low anytime, and establishes that she can use the restroom anytime and unlimited. Of course she will need clearance to have medication as well and should have explicit permission to carry and use sharps and insulin whenever she needs to. These will be more important later when she can administer her own insulin and essentially be her own advocate.

Work out the full medical plan with her endo and then meet with the school team it all gets recorded on paper and then becomes a binding agreement with the school. The school is required to assign a medical person to her and that person should also accompany her on field trips and even daily on the bus.

It sounds like a lot but it isn’t you can do it!

Thank you for all the information, We’ve been using just a Doctor recommendation about her needed at school. I was trying to understand the difference between those and how can affect my daughter. :slight_smile:

@RAQUELOWRIGHT This is a comprehensive list of what an EIP/504 should look like and what should be included: