670G or wait for 780g (currently on TSlimX2)

Hi Elizebeth, I use the MiniMed 630g with the 14 day Libre. I like to keep things simple in every way possible with managing my T1; so no beeps and alarms other than to replace a battery or to refill my cannula. If I have a rough day, I’ll set my Apple Watch timer to vibrate every 30 min. or hour to check my bs to make adjustments to my basals or bolus. It works for me, my personal way to be in charge :wink:


Hi Elizabeth. I love my Tslim and Dexcom G5 combo. I have used the Freestyle Libre on occasion if I ran out of Dexcom sensors, and really liked it. The Libre does not communicate with your pump (at least Tslim) so you have to use the Libre receiver; but I actually found using the Libre was quicker and more convenient than pulling my pump out of my pocket to check my numbers. Dexcom’s G5 requires calibration and the last I heard the Libre was not approved for that, so you have to do fingersticks.


Thanks for your quick reply, Patti. I like to keep it simple as well and had such an awful experience with the earlier Medtronic sensors that this might be the way for me to go. Am I correct that I can upgrade to the latest Medtronic pump–which I think would be the 670G but NOT do the whole “system”? (I’m sure some Medtronic rep. would be glad to tell me all about why I shouldn’t do that. haha) I could then try the 14 day Libre as a baby step into cgm, see if it makes a big difference for me. I won’t mind scanning my iPhone over my arm whenever I want but know I wouldn’t like alarms all the time. Your input is helpful.

Thanks for your quick reply, Dorie! I think I can use an iPhone as a “receiver” for the Libre. Unfortunately I will need to update my iPhone first, or I’d have tried it already! I am hoping my old 530G will last long enough for me to try the Freestyle Libre first, see how I like it. Then I can decide on whether to upgrade in Medtronic or try the Tslim. Glad to hear you liked the Libre.

Yes you can upgrade and not even use the medtronic CGM. They tried to get me on the 670 but I said I only needed the 630 since I would not be using the CGM with it. All I need is the bolus wizard. I told them that I use the Libre because of an allergy to platinum in the Medtronic sensor wire. I’ll never be able to use anything but Libre, but I’ll continue to upgrade my pump. So either the 630 or 670 can be used as just a pump

Thanks. I talked to a Medtronic rep and feel better about this whole thing. I’d been worrying about my 530G being out of warranty and due to die soon, but was assured it might in fact last another couple of years and, at any rate, that Medtronic would still send me a loaner if it died suddenly without my having yet purchased a new one. I’ll try the 14-day Libre with my current pump and see how I like it. Good to know there is a community out there I can ask about things like this.

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That’s good news, I loved my 530, but it was out of warranty and had a crack on the screen so I finally decided to upgrade. I’ve used the Libre a couple years now, and really like it. I’ve learned how to make sure it sticks good for the 14 days so if you need any tips I’m happy to help. The reader gets used most of the time over my iPhone because it’s actually quicker to push the button & scan than to open the app, touch the on screen sensor pic then scan. Plus at drs appts they can download all the info from the reader, but cannot from the phone app. I’ve named my reader “Tank” because he goes to battle with me everyday :wink:


All of this information is so valuable. I have also considered just using my Medtronic 670 Pump and getting a Libre CGM. I’m not sure what my new insurance will cover moving forward in 2020. I switched companies, because, my current one was just way too expensive and starting 2020, I’ll be under a lot of restrictions. I’ve had to switch my long time primary and endo to new providers. It’s super scary, but, you do what you have to do, right? I’m working on a survival mode right now and planning on what measures I’ll take if I have to really go back to basics.

I’m not sure I can get my pump and CGM supplies approved and covered for refill before they run out. I may have enough pump supplies to get me through a few weeks, but, not CGM, so, I may have to pay for a Libre out of pocket. It’s good to know that I do have some options. Worst case scenario, I could return to MDIs, but, I hope to avoid that.

In the past I’ve expressed a personal preference for a pump with tubing; but for reasons I won’t bore you with I’m starting to consider the Omnipod. I tried a sample a few years ago but it just shows you the size and how it feels, so it didn’t answer my questions. I did a little searching on their website and didn’t find the answers, and don’t want to contact them and be added to their sales list just yet, plus I like feedback from real life users, so:

  1. I have a TSLIM now, and used to have Minimed. With both pumps I fill(ed) several cartridges in advance and store(d) them in a container in the fridge, which saves a step when it’s time to change the site. It’s caused no problems for me in over 20 years doing it. Can you do that with the pods, or do you have to fill them immediately before use?
  2. I’ve read they hold 3 days worth of insulin. If you use less than expected can you keep it on the extra day? And if there’s still insulin left can you retrieve it (not a good idea, I know, but I’m curious).
  3. If I recall chiefly the pod is (or can be) integrated with a CGM. Does the PDM act as the receiver or do you have to carry around a separate one? I hate to drain my phone’s battery so wouldn’t use it for that purpose.
    Thanks all! Wishing everyone the best for 2020.

My sensors don’t last 7 days and according to MEDTRONIC they’re not suppose to🤷🏽‍♀️If it goes out earlier than that I go to the website and request a replacement. So far they’ve replaced them.

I have a Medtronic 670G and use the G sensors. I can’t wait for my contract to end and move to Dexcom. The G sensors are frequently off, I don’t trust them. If Medtronic ever gets to the stage where the pump will give you insulin, I would not trust it, one bit. I was on Dexcom a few years ago, and went back to Medtronic when they were FDA approved a few years ago. Somehow, they got approved with the sensors being ‘Better’. Anything would be better. My sensors are frequently going to Do not calibrate, sensor updating. My sensors hardly fall off due to the tape, unless I am very warm when I try to apply them. My sensors frequently say Change Sensor before the time is up, and usually the tape is still completely attached, and the part stuck in my skin is still perfectly straight. Medtronic will only replace 3 in a 90 day period, so I frequently have to eat the cost, for there bad sensor. the alarms are annoying. What am I to do, while driving, when the sensor is having an alarm. Hands Free Driving is the law in Mn, and handling an insulin pump and trying to read the messages doesn’t sound very hands free. You are the first person I have heard of that wants to go back to Medtronic.

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1…No, when you fill a POD, it starts the 72 + 8 hour timer. The pod expires at 72 hours but you have an 8 hour window to change it.
2…well, you can run it for 80 hours after filled or till you use 200 units…thats it.
3. I’m not personally familiar with any CGM/pod integration…sorry…

Hope this helps

Hi @Cgrover. I’ve used Minimed pumps but never their CGM - I now use Dexcom G5 with my TSLIM pump and am very happy with it. Since you said you have to eat the costs for replacement sensors I just thought I’d suggest you check out the Freestyle Libre to tide you over. Of course the advantage of your Medtronic is the looping feature, not to mention the alerts - although they are over the top. But if you can get by for a short time with swiping your readings -(which you would need to do frequently both to see your updated graphs and because it has no alerts) - and making your own adjustments - it might help save on costs.My doc have me an rx for one Freestyle sensor. There is one that lasts 10 days and another that lasts 2 weeks - out of pocket cost for two of the 14 day ones ranges from about $110-125 in my area (goodrx.com can show pricing in yours).
I understand that may not work for you, but thought I would mention it.

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Hi again. I finally have an updated iPhone that I can use as a reader and so will be picking up a month’s supply of the Libre today. My only experience with CGM was years ago with some awful Medtronic sensors. I want to be hopeful about this 14-day sensor. I was recalling that you mentioned you’ve learned how to make sure it sticks for good, and your kind offer of advice for that. I assumed it would just stay put per package instructions, but I’m guessing not. haha. Any tips welcome!

Skin-Tac is all you need

Hi Elizabeth, I’m glad you’re going to give them a try! If you don’t have a 14 day reader and decide to use them all the time, the company will send a certificate for one to take to your pharmacy along with a script from your Dr.
Here’s my three tips: I rotate between the backs of my arms, halfway btwn shoulder & elbow. First one is to shave the whole arm area anytime close to applying to get the peach fuzz off. Second is to use both alcohol wipes on the area that are provided in the box. Third, make sure it’s dry and firmly but gently apply the sensor and then push on it just like making sure a bandaid is on good. It doesn’t hurt a bit to push on it because it’s a thin tiny plastic cannula type piece in your arm.

Any redness when I take one off, I use an ointment like A&D or polysporin.

Please let me know if I can help or give you any more tips!

Thanks, Jason and Patti.
I’ll try your tips Patti and use the skin-tac as a backup
if that doesn’t seem to work. Jason, did you find they did not stay on the full 14 days without he skin-tac?
I hope they do send me a certificate for a reader–I called the company and asked for one because I’d seen some promotion and my iPhone was too old and I was told NO, they would only send them out to people who had been 10-day users. But it would make sense for them to try to keep their customers using it, since the sensors are pretty pricey and the regular meters seem to be handed out like candy (for that reason I’m sure)

I use the Dexcom G6, not the Libre. They both attach to the body the same way. Skin Tac is the preferred method for most CGM users

I am on day 3 with the freestyle libre 14-day. Life-changing. No problem with it staying put, even though I could not find skin-tac. I just followed the directions and gave it a little extra push as you suggested.

My pleasure! I hope you love using it as much as I do, the arrows are a life saver for me! I scan a LOT, but I like it that way and feel more in control. On the reader, have you asked your endo if they have any to give you or help to get one from Libre?