670g with dexcom g6

Just wondering if anyone has used the dexcom g6 while using the minimed 670g pump. I know they dont connect but this guardian sensor has drove me crazy for way too long!

I am doing that for the same reason. The Guardian sensors were not working well and the Dexcom is so very much better.

I have been using the 670g with Dexcom g6 for just less than a year and they both work well for me. And getting help is pretty good. Have had some difficulties, but like with any company, it depends on the techie you are talking with.
I have been with Medtronic for 27 years and am happy with my Paradigm. I have been with Dexcom about 2 years and am happy with them. I don’t think I will change to closed loop system when Medicare decides to cover that system.