7 year old girl dies from undiagnosed type 1

This is so sad. One has to wonder how many times her disease was missed. 


I know we would have discovered my daughter's type 1 two months earlier if she had been required to have a blood test or urine test when when her vision started to decline. Testing for type one should be routine for kids that need corrective lenses. After she was on insulin her vision went back to normal and she no longer needed glasses. 


Unforunately this happens so often lately. It really is so sad.

The symptoms of diabetes are  so easy to attribute to other causes.  Plus type 1 in young children can progress to a dangerous level really quickly.  

This is so sad.  I'm really sorry for her family.  

Heartbreaking. I wish the symptoms were on a poster in all schools and classes, like other illnesses. Such a simple test, to catch it before its too late.