73 more members and we reach 5000 members!

Hey everyone,

We are going to be reaching 5000 members soon! In order to hit our goal we need you the members to start telling your family and friends to join our amazing community. The more members you get to join the more chance you have to win a Track3 Electronic Carb Counting device and a Free Countdown e-mag!

Help us reach our goal before May 31!!

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Wow, thats awesome, I can not believe that we are at almost 5000 members. It is good to know that we are getting the word out there about juvenation as it has been alot of help for me and other people. Let's keep up the good work.

Cool -- it's better that we make the most out of diabetes while we're at it. The millions of diabetics there already are, in my opinion, it'd be better to have them come together on Juvenation so we can make each other stronger in the proccess.