I literally JUST got back from a three month check in with my endo.  My A1c is an 8.8

I know what some of you are thinking.  BFD, right?  Let me put this into perspective.  Three months ago, my A1c was 10.8 

A year and a half ago, my A1c was 12.8.  I didnt quite understand the formula for figuring it out, but my endocrinologist told me that a 12.8 translates to an average blood sugar of around 475

I feel sort of like I've come back from the dead.

I just kind of wanted to share with all of you because (as lame as it seems) you've all played a supporting role in my progress. 

So thank you.  You are motivational.  Inspirational.  SENSATIONAL. 

(I dont think motivational and inspirational are actually real words, but they rhyme better)


That's awesome, Sarah!  CONGRATS! :)

We will support you all the way.  I'm pretty sure inspirational is a real word, but reading your story, I would say that YOU are the one who is inspirational/sensational because you were able to bring your A1C down by 4 whole points in less than two years.  Keep up the great work!

First of all, I'm pretty sure that those are ALL words!!!  lol

Seriously, I am sooooooo happy for you Sarah - and I know how you feel!  My A1Cs also came down once I started getting serious about my care; my last one before I started with a pump was 8.2, which absolutely thrilled me!

Now, my most recent one was 7.1 - woot!!!

great work on bringing it down! my last one was 8.2 or something, but only last year just before going on the pump(for 3months only, im back to MDI) it was up in the 9's :)


it takes a lot of work, but that's a 2 point improvement in only 3months which is really good! keep it up and maybe next time it'll be in the 6's!

Big HIGH FIVE for Sarah!  *slap*

Way to go.  It's always wonderful to see hard work pay off. 


Congradulations!!! I am glad that the A1C is going in the right direction. :)

Congrats Sarah!!!  This is a HUGE deal considering where you have been!  Keep persisting!  Motivational and Inspirational are definitely words!  And you are both!!!

any improvements in a1cs are a big deal! we all understand how hard it can be to have a positive impact on our blood sugars! way to go! you have come a really long way and continue to make improvements! we're all proud of you :o)

That is awesome!!  I'm happy for you and keep up the good work:)

Hey Sarah - excellent.  With abit of work, we can all get our A1C's down lower one step at a time.  Sometimes I wish I knew what my A1C's were when I was younger (A1C's only started around the 80's I think - but maybe someone has more history on that then I do).  Even better, is the different insulin types we now / pumps / 32 gauge pen needles (compared to the ones I used in 60's - 70's - meant for an elephants behind).   So many tools for us to use now, and changing all the time, to keep ourselves in good health!

So, welcome back to the land of the living!


Congratulations! That's phenomenal!