8 year old diagnosed

My son was diagnosed with Type 1 on Sunday, March 17th and his sugar is perfect in the morning but gets higher throughout the day. His doctor lowered the carb factor from 18 to 15. I still don't know why it is so high. Any help as to why would be great. I am a parent and I have so many questions and concerns as I watch him day and day.

Hi  - I am sorry for your son's diagnosis.  My son is now 10, diagnosed at 3 years.  Things really are hard to make sense of at first.  You are given these ratios and as much as you strictly follow them they do not work perfectly.  I can tell you, it does get easier - the numbers do not get perfect, but dealing with it gets easier.  Things may work perfectly one day and you may do the exact same the next day and he is either high or low.  You have to just keep at it.  You and your child's dr. will just keep tweaking and getting his numbers as close as you can to the target numbers.  Don't blame yourself (or your son or anyone else) if the numbers are off - just keep bringing them back to the target.  You sound like you are doing a great job already - it has only been a few days and you are recognizing trends and reaching out to support resources.  Take care, get some sleep, hug your son.


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When you have diabetes high and low blood sugars happen.  

It sounds like you have a good doctor, so learn from him/her.  You also may get some of the books on the link below to help you learn even more.  Any marked "highly recommended" are good.  You can also post questions on this site anytime.

I also think diabetes summer camps are great.  Ask your doctor if there's one in your area.  I started going to camp when I was 7 and it was a great way to meet other kids with diabetes.  My parents also appreciated that camp gave them a break from my day to day diabetes management.