8 year old son with T1 looking for a boy he can write to that is also T1

My 8 year old son was diagnosed in April with Type 1 diabetes.  He is looking for a pen pal who also has Type 1.  He is the only one in his school and feels like he is the only one in this situation.

Hi, I'm sorry to hear of your son's T1D. I know it's tough right now, but it does get better. My 9 yr old son was diagnosed in 2009 w/ T1D and I think he would enjoy a pen pal.

I think that would really help my son knowing that someone else is going thru or has been thru the same thing.  Would you mind giving us your address so that he can write to him?  How is your son doing with this?  Is he on a pump or injections?  Does he have any problems with lows during school or activity?  How long did it take you to adjust?  Thanks! Carol

Carol, first of all, I'll do anything to help b/c, we've been there/done that and I know the struggles. The questions you ask are very good ones and the answers could be quite long. I may not be able to answer them the way I would like b/c it could be a book. One of the ways we volunteer with JDRF is to mentor newly diagnosed boys, aged 7 to 11, who are in the hospital here in Charlotte. My son (Gavin) and I visit the fams in the hospital and try to give them someone to connect with in a similar situation. Gavin just finished a baseball game, so I have to get the kids fed. I'll get back to your other questions later. And yes, we'll trade addresses. Thanks - Gordon


    Thank you so much.  I know the volunteering you do must be very helpful to those families.  Evan has dealt with this very well for the first two weeks.  Now, I think the newness is wearing off.  I hope Gavin enjoyed his game.  Look forward to hearing from you.


Hi Carol, WOW you are newbies. It seems like the first month was the hardest. It's such a life style change and it does take a while to adjust. I assume Evan is doing shots? How is that working out at school. That was the toughest part for Gavin. The school told us to come in & teach them all about it!! I knew nothing about it and now I was going to have to teach someone else. Any way, Gavin has been on a pump for over 2 years now. And yes, highs and lows are a constant problem. There are alot of external factors that affect their BG levels, such as sickness, adrenaline, etc. and life is like a roller coaster, up and down. Makes you really appreciate what a pancreas does. Where are you located and did JDRF give you a mentor to help you out? I'm not to keen on putting my address out for public viewing (although I'm sure it's already out there for anyone to find). My email is GLtree45@gmail.com and I'll give it to you there. Evan can read alittle about Gavin on his JDRF walk page. Go to find a walk, state = NC, team = G-force, click on Gordon Little and the first paragraph tells alittle about him. Or click this link www2.jdrf.org/.../Chapter-Charlotte4482


Try to find diabetes summer camps in your area.  Your sons will get to meet lots of other kids with type 1 and have a great time.  Typically diabetes doctors and nurse practioners volunteer at camp for a week, so your child has expert medical supervision.  And it gives you a break from D management for a week too.

JDRF has a pen pal program you can find it on this link: kids.jdrf.org/index.cfm

I know a 1st grade boy with type 1. He might be a little young for your boy. He has had it about a year. I'll mention it to his mom.

That would be great.  Thank You!