80 Billion in Insulin Profits

Has anybody in this group every wondered why there isn’t a cure for type 1 diabetes yet when every year they say they are almost there?!!! Has anyone ever thought about the fact that the big pharma companies are making 80 BILLION a year in Profit ? This is disgusting business practice and I would like anyone to please contact me about starting to create our own lobbying objectives and how to go about doing it. We must act, since the truth is that the pharma companies are blocking the cure and making BILLIONS off of Type 1 diabetics all over the world in the process.

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Jesse @Winner10, don’t place all the blame for lack of a “cure” for diabetes on pharmaceutical companies - spread out the blame.
Now ask yourself whet you have done to find the cure - and when you get that list completed, please post for all to see the studies and experiments for which you VOLUNTEERED YOUR BODY to see if any of the many attempts will work.

As you may know, diabetes has been “cured” in rats, mice, dogs but those cures now need HUMAN volunteers.

I really appreciate your honest response to this and the lack of ‘human’ volunteers was not something I ever considered. How can I sign up to be one? Where to start? Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi Jesse @Winner10, like you I too am astounded by the astronomical profits published by pharmaceutical companies - I think that much of the profit hype is to sell stock in the companies.

Also in my opinion, our cure will come through the research conducted in university laboratories and not from the drug manufacturers - although the manufacturers will spend large sums of money refining and running clinical studies. End of my preaching but I am biased by our daughter’s efforts in cancer research at a university.

Most of my body volunteering was at the Joslin Diabetes Clinic in Boston but I’m also getting invites through other places. Two site where you may register are at these links:

National Institute of Health: https://www.nih.gov/health-information/nih-clinical-research-trials-you/finding-clinical-trial

US Library of Medicine [NIH]:

In addition to these, you could contact a university medical school if there is a university medical school in your area; I’m registered with the Diabetes Center at USF. Unfortunately my age, now pushing 80, acts against me now.