823rd Post!

This will be my 823rd post on Juvenation!! (lol that's more than 100/month). And, I believe as of before-tonight Gina has 822.... do I get my crown now, Doug??


Fantastic...  Now go through, copy all your posts off to a single document, and publish the book you've written!  :D



Too bad the word 'duck' and 'haha' probably shows up in there a million times :) (and smileys probably do, too).

Ah, Gina's on. And here's where I lose my crown :( (Doug)
Go easy on the posts, Gina? Be nice? Maybe?


I will let you have your fame for a while LOL

Oh dear. Why do I have the feeling I'm going to have to post like mad :)


One day Ill have 823 posts... haha there WILL be a cure by then!!

GOOD JOB!! -ally <3

only 802 left for you to go, allie! you can do it!

keep posting in our thread and you should have no trouble maintaining the title of Supreme Poster (yes I make up titles now)

i want that many posts someday! its like gonna have to be my life goal. maybe when i'm ninety :)

LOL put it on your bucket list, Janna!

And Joe, yay I'm supreme :) what comes before surperme when you're talking about pizzas? cuz that should be Gina lol i'm just teasing :)

lol ok #1 on my bucket list: get over 800 posts on juvenation! :)

Just amazing Alyssa....and I'll have to conference with Gina about the crown.  Now, it's a good thing that the number of posts you do, do not have a direct correlation to your a1c results because you'd be off the charts.  Just remember that you have to respect your elders so I'm thinking that you are ....ahem...1/2 Gina's age (sorry Gina, A is just such a young pup) I'm thinking you would be required to post twice as many as Gina....then considering Gina is Mrs. Juvenation (yes, I just married you to the web site) maybe she should have a few hundred more posts tacked on out of respect for our fearless leader.   Now, as far as I go....well - I won't ever come close to you so if we had the ability on here to give gold stars (or purple ducks...I haven't figured that one out yet) I would give you one. 

hmmmmm.......good question, I don't think there is a second in command for pizza, it is like you go from private to general, I guess specialty pizzas could be rank as well, maybe a veggie would be second

Doug, I don't think Gina's husband will be too happy about you marrying her to the web site.

Oh, not such a young pup haha just kidding. Mostly. LOL. what do you mean you haven't figured out purple ducks yet?! Gah, get with the program, Doug :) And.... 1600?! Really?! We'll see. I'll let you know when I get there :)

And Joe,
does that make Gina the veggie poster??

I think so, should she be willing to dawn the mantle

Oh, she can be surpreme. She's too nice to be that mean to her :)

Lets not get crazy. I am moderating posts right now. I haven't even tapped on the posting part yet LOL Looks like Alyssa it will be VEGGIE Pizza for Alyssa tomorrow ! LOL

don't worry - i'm sure you'll get to it by Friday - wait who am i kidding - Thursday.  i'm sure Gina's husband will be fine with it given it's not another man - although i don't know him, we are used to our wive's being connected to other things - my wife = cake boss, the fricken Duggers, and books....it's a given.

Haha, and I'm connected to my pump :)


You better slow down or you'll end up with a major case of carpal tunnel !!!. LOL. I'm joking, you're typing for a great cause.  Seriously Congratulations !