9 weeks pregnant and preparing for insulin resistance

hi everyone, i am 9 weeks pregnant and preparing for insulin resistance around week 12.  for those who have experienced this insulin resistance, was it a gradual?  and did you find you just had to increase your bolus or was it your carb ratios as well?  also interested to know how women made the adjustments, how often did you increase, 10% every week or every other week?  thanks for sharing your experiences. 

Hi, I am 14 weeks pregnant and have not experienced the insulin resistance yet. I am still running relatively low. My doctor told me the resistance would start around week 20. 

I am almost 12 weeks and am still running very low!  I'm currently taking less than half of the amount I took when I found out I was preggers.  My beloved endo told me it will creep up slowly and should start by week 15, but made no guarantees!

Haha, nevermind what I said earlier. I am 15 weeks and the insulin resistance is starting. It did not seem very gradual, but hit almost exactly on the 15 week mark. I go to the doctor on Friday so we'll see what they say. 

I'm 5 weeks pregnant and already experiencing insulin resistance. I was running pretty much completely normal before I got pregnant. Since becoming pregnant, I've needed more insulin. I'm not on the pump. Not sure if my endo will want to put me on one or not now. I see him on Monday. I've had very touchy diabetes anyways.

Hello Rebecca, I had my baby girl in September of 2010 and I did experience insulin resistance. Mine started a little later than 12 wks (I had extreme lows up until about 17 or 18 weeks). It started out gradual and I don't have a percentage for you, but at times there were little bumps where my resistance would jump without warning. I remember at least once when I would give myself 7 units of Novolog (through my pump) for a glass of milk (which was about 12 carbs) and my blood sugar would still be higher than normal even 2 hours later. It's so frustrating to try so hard to control your sugars and it just won't work!! I know that I had many emotional ups and downs due to my blood sugars fluctuating so frequently; I must say I broke down crying over it many times throughout my pregnancy!!

My carb ratio started at 1 unit to every 7 carbs and around 6 months they changed it to 1:5. My basal rates changed so many times I couldn't list them all for you. My basals were usually either changed completely or tweaked a little bit at each appt. My doctor also had me fill out a separate monitoring sheet for her that I would send to her at the end of the week. She'd take a look at it and the notes I'd make for her and would call me if she wanted to make any changes to my rates in between our appts (and I'm speaking of my endocrinologist, not my OBGYN). With those "in between changes" I would say my basal rate changed once every 2 weeks before 8 months, and usually once every week after 8 months.

I know you didn't ask for advice regarding this, but I wish someone would've told me during my pregnancy that it's ok to fluctuate in between times of control. Your body is making so many changes that it really is hard to keep up. When my resistancy would go up, I would worry myself to tears about how my 212 reading would harm my baby and have her end up with some sort of deficiency or abnormality. But even with all of my difficulties, I ended up with a beautiful little girl: 7 lbs 4 ozs, 19 inches long. I was induced 3 days before my due date and was lucky enough to have her vaginally. On her first APGAR test she got a 7, and five minutes later she got an 8 :) All you can do is take it one step at a time. You can only do so much!! I hope you don't have as many problems with insuliln resistancy as I did!! Good luck!!