A birthday idea!

Hi everyone!  I just wanted to share this idea with you, mostly for the adults in the group!  (You'll see why...)

It is my 40th birthday on Friday (Yes, Friday the 13th!).  Besides some other celebrating, I'm pretty sure my husband has organized a surprise party for me at a bar.  Well, you know what that means:  BAR = ALCOHOL, and lots of it on a birthday!  The custom around here is that you buy a shot/shooter drink for someone when it is their birthday.  Seeing as how I do try to limit (somewhat) my alcohol intake, here is my idea:  When someone orders me a drink at the bar, the bartender will be instructed to take their money, but set it aside in a separate envelope.  Then, he/she will hand me a business card that I have made up.  They read:  "Cheers!  Thank-you from Nadine and the JDRF".  I will seek out that person in the crowd, hand them the business card and pretend to "Cheers" them.  At the end of the night, I will take all the money and donate it to the JDRF.

I really hope my friends will be understanding about this rather than be insulted because I am technically turning down a birthday drink.  In the end, it's important to me and that's all that counts!

Just thought I would share the idea; it might even inspire others among you!  Cheers!

That is an awesome idea, my 21st birthday is coming up in just over a month!