A bit worried - Paradigm & H2O

So i know it is not as waterproof as the Ping, but can it get wet at all? My girls LOVE to play in the sprinkler....will I need to disconnect for that ?

I'm not sure, you might check with Medtronics.  I know originally Paradigm was supposed to be water proof, but they had problems with it.  I know it is water resistant.  It can get wet but I don't know what happens if it gets soaked.  If the kids are running around outside for a while, it wouldn't hurt to disconnect as the physical activity will mean she needs less insulin.  But they say not to be away from the pump for no more than an hour.  I exercise daily and turn my pump off for 1/2 hour twice a day when I am doing aerobic's (6 mile bike ride).  Oh, and you can purchase a holder for the pump that she can wear that will help keep it dryer.  

I would really recommend disconnecting. My rep told me the reason they called it "splash resistant" was because over time you can crack your pump, or the buttons can wear down...which would let water get into the system. I never paid much attention to keeping my Paradigm absolutely dry, but after having it for 3 years I got caught in a torrential downpour and - wouldn't you know - it started to get wonky. I called Medtronic and they overnighted me a new one, but I would recommend disconnecting if you're planning on getting wet. Plus, if you're girls are running around, chances are their BGs are going to be creeping downwards anyways!