A Bizarre Idea About Hunger

Hey guys,


First of all, let me say I LOOOOVE this forum! I feel better about having diabetes than I have in years - it's like a small part of myself, this part of me that I felt wasn't even human anymore, has been given back to me via the knowledge that I am so very, very much not alone.


But otherwise, I wanted to mention something and ask a question ... sometimes, because diabetes messes with your hunger signals (highs, lows, etc.), I get this idea that other people don't even GET hungry. I mean, I have forgotten what it feels like to just EAT FOOD - as a human reflex, you know, not as food+BG+insulin ... it's so unnatural for me to eat; it's like an ugly mathematical equation. So do any of you guys feel that way? Looking at other people, maybe, and saying to yourself, "I wonder if these 'normal' people ever actually feel hungry in the same way that I do?"


Not to sound offensive. I use the word "normal" only because sometimes I just can't help that stupid word. 



Diabetes definitely messes up our hunger signals.  But it may be a bigger human issue too.  

I'm reading this great book right now called "Mindless Eating" by Brian Wansink.  He has conducted many research studies and quotes others about how little any person uses hunger to determine how much to eat.  People are more influenced by how much others eat, serving sizes, and our pre-conceived norms of how much we think we need.  It's a really interesting book and pretty entertaining.  www.amazon.com/.../0553804340

Thanks for the recommendation! It looks like a really good book. I ordered it from my library system. :) I know MANY people struggle with food and hunger, but I feel like diabetes is like three quarters of my own issues. But part of that, I believe, might be just fantasy: if diabetes goes away, I'll be free and everything will be fixed. :P So easy to get mixed up.

I like the book a lot. I got it from the library. :) Rockin'. And def reminds me I'm not the only one who has weird feelings about food.