A CGM for your eyeball, smart contact lenses

Interesting article about futuristic contact lenses that monitor vital statistics can be seen here.


I currently do not were corrective lens of any kind, but would leap at the chance to put a set of these in my eyes  when they come to town. How 'bout you?

That is really cool. It scares me a litttle, just more the fact that half the stuff we are seeing now a days, falls under the category of what I used to think of as being Science Fiction. But hey to have the ability to see my vitals including current BG I would be all over that. Yeah for using technology to make a difference for the future.

Sign me up for the glasses!  I almost think they would need to have the lenses communicate with a cell phone (use the eye to monitor health, send the information to a phone for safe reading later).

Whatever.  Just let me know when you got something someone could actually use. 

Sounds like more of the same.  Another thing that undoubtedly will need an endless supply of supplies.  You'll need new contacts once every couple of weeks that will cost more than anything else on the market now.  And will provide for an ever decreasing impact on actually controlling anything. And will continue to widen the gap between the haves and have nots.

My cynical side coming out again !!

There is nothing cynical about this. You are just bringing reality to our fantasy. I mean obviously this tech is a long way away.